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CAM2 MPT Torque Fluid 10W is designed for use in heavy duty off road power shift transmissions. A modern powershift transmission is a very sophisticated device that requires special additives.They contain many different friction materials and a complete hydraulic system that contains heavily loaded gears and bearings. CAM2 MPT Torque Fluids have heavy duty friction modifiers to help clutches to lock up quickly and firmly. CAM2 MPT Torque Fluids have shown outstanding performance in all the manufacturer’s friction tests. CAM2 MPT Torque Fluids are compatible with the various seal materials found in off road transmissions. They provide complete hydraulic system protection for the power shift and power steering mechanisms. MPT 10W is designed to give enhanced protection for light duty automatic transmissions. MPT Torque Fluids SAE 30 and 50 meet all the premier specifications for off-road power shift transmission fluids.

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CAM2 MPT 5 Gallon SAE 10W Torque Fluid TO-4, CAM2 MPT 55 Gallon SAE 10W Torque Fluid TO-4, CAM2 MPT Bulk SAE 10W Torque Fluid TO-4


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