Vicksburg, Mississippi

CAM2 International, LLC has opened a manufacturing facility strategically located in Vicksburg, Mississippi that serves both bulk and package customers. The 93,000 SF facility is situated on 19 acres and has access to the Mississippi river for receiving and shipping via marine barge, rail or truck. The CAM2 facility packages for various brands including CAM2 lubricants and many large private label national brands. The site features a full-line manufacturing plant with a single shift operating capacity of over 100 million gallons annually, a modern and efficient warehouse and distribution facility, and state-of-the-art testing and packaging operation. The facility has 43 storage tanks with over 7.2 million gallons in storage capacity.


The CAM2 manufacturing facility will employ 30+ individuals and will positively contribute to the economic growth of the city of Vicksburg.

  • Bulk and packaging facility
  • Incoming Oils and Additives Testing
  • 93,000 SF facility, 19-acre site
  • 30+ full-time employees
  • Single shift operating capacity of 50 million gallons
  • 43 tanks with 7.2 million gallons of storage
  • New laboratory for on-site testing
  • Access to Mississippi River
  • Manufacturing of 12 million gallons of VI annually
  • State-of-the-Art Packaging Facility features:
  • 3 Types of Access
  • Receiving and shipping via marine barge, rail, or truck
  • Pail filling line capable of filling over 10,000 pails per shift (62 million gallons annually)
  • Utility line capable of filling 20 million gallons annually into various bottle sizes
  • 2 OCME quart filling lines capable of filling over 12,000 cases per shift each (72 million quarts annually)

Roseland, Louisiana

  • 14.4+ Acre site with expansion in progress
  • Over 400 dedicated employees
  • On-site blending, packaging, and distribution
  • Blow mold machines producing millions of bottles ranging in sizes from 2.6 oz to 2 gallons
  • Injection mold machines producing 5-gallon pails and lids in a temperature and quality controlled environment
  • Automated production lines that fill, seal, label, and prep product for shipping
  • On-site bulk storage tanks that are tested and retested prior to pumping into vessels
  • On-site grease manufacturing plant with testing facility
  • Shipping nationwide to all 50 states and over 73 additional countries
  • On-site rail spur
  • Overseas shipping daily with containers hand loaded and configured to maximize space.

Hammond, Indiana

  • 11 Acre site with 5 acres for future expansion
  • Off-site Base Oil Storage of 3 million gallons
  • 200,000 SF under roof
  • 150 blending and storage tanks
  • Total Capacity of 4 million gallons
  • Serviced by 2 Railroads
  • 3 Rail tracks inside the facility
  • 6 Rail loading and unloading stations
  • 7 inside truck loading racks
  • Inside certified truck scale
  • Truck tank drying capabilities

Full Quality Laboratory

  • X-Ray
  • Viscometric 40C 100C
  • Brookfield
  • Particle Size Analyzer
  • Flash Point Cleveland Closed Cup
  • Nitrogen Testing
  • Karl Fischer
  • Wet Chemistry
  • Metal Testing ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma)