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Our nationally recognized brand, CAM2, was developed in 1969 originally as a premier racing oil that was the first multi-viscosity oil to win the Indy 500, and introduced into the DIY market in 1975. Today, the CAM2 brand has grown to be the top independent brand of motor oil which is distributed through an international distributor network of over 900 distributors and provides brand presence in national retail chains such as National Auto and Auto Part International. The immense popularity of the CAM2 brand has propelled our growth to a complete product offering which includes over 325 SKUs to meet customer demand. All our lubricants are Made in the USA using the most recent additives technology. We have built a national footprint that stretches from coast to coast and a global footprint that includes over 37 countries. CAM2 International has the most experienced manufacturing, operations, technical and sales teams in the industry.

CAM2 Authorized Distributors and their distribution network carry our premium line of lubricants of the highest quality with the most up to date additive technology. Products purchased from any other source may not be authentic, may be adulterated. Please protect yourself and your equipment by only purchasing from CAM2 Authorized Distributors or their affiliates.