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          Customer Reviews

"We have been using cam2 products for several years at my shop and we have not had 1 complaint about it. We are outselling Mobil 1 3-1 now with cam2 full synthetic!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!"


"Very easy ordering and fast shipping."


"CAM2 has made huge strides. Customer support and delivery times are good. Nice improvements - keep it up!"


"I love Cam2, product quality too."

Sue Ackley

"Employees are friendly and informative."

Sue Ackley

"CAM2 is my business that's what I strive to make it successful in Beirut Lebanon. Hope we continue our work together. Overall it's great to be part of CAM2!"


"Totally satisfied w/ quality of product and of bulk purchases. Package service and communication has greatly improved. With consistency in pricing and working together, we will be able to broaden our base as I move from operations to sales. I would like some support from Cam2 as I have been able to attract several LARGE customers locally who are of national status but have seen little interest from Cam2 in pursuing them."


"Very good sales support that reacts to our needs."