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CAM2 Magnum Radiator Additive is formulated to provide effective cooling, extend the life of your radiator and improving performance. For use instead of water, CAM2 Magnum Radiator Additive protects from boil-over and overheating up to 265F (120C). CAM2 Magnum Radiator Additive prevents rust, corrosion and helps to decrease the engine’s temperature. CAM2 Magnum Radiator Additive is recommended for aluminum and conventional metal cooling systems. Safe for use with water-only or water/antifreeze blends. For use as a Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines and Off-Road Equipment.

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MAGNUM 6/1 Gallon Radiator Additive, MAGNUM 55 Gallon Radiator Additive


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