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CAM2 MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE is a smooth lithium based grease suitable for a wide range of uses including automotive chassis lubrication. CAM2 Multi-purpose grease provides lubrication in the presence of water. It exhibits mechanical and oxidation stability insuring long grease life. Displays good resistance against rust and corrosion and offers superior resistance to water washout. CAM2 Multi-Purpose grease maintains good mobility even in cold weather, and is ideal for centralized grease systems. • Water Resistant • Corrosion Protection • Oxidation Stability • Economical

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CAM2 50/14 oz Multi-Purpose Grease, CAM2 12/1 lb Multi-Purpose Grease, CAM2 6/4 lb Multi-Purpose Grease, CAM2 35 lb Multi-Purpose Grease, CAM2 120 lb Multi-Purpose Grease, CAM2 400 lb Multi-Purpose Grease


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