CAM2 Magnum ND 50 Motor Oil is a general purpose motor oil made with high quality base oils. It is intended for use in non-critical gasoline engines operating under conditions which do not require a premium high detergent motor oil. It is recommended for use in older, worn engines with high oil consumption where an API Service classification SB/CD motor oil can be used. Always consult your owner’s manual for proper recommendations. CAUTION: This oil is rated API SB/CD and is not suitable for use in most gasoline powered automotive engines built after 1951, use in more modern engines may cause unsatisfactory performance or equipment harm.

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CAM2 Magnum 12/1 Quart SAE 50 Motor Oil, CAM2 Magnum 5 Gallon SAE 50 Motor Oil, CAM2 Magnum 6/1 Gallon SAE 50 Motor Oil, CAM2 Magnum 275 Gallon Tote SAE 50 Motor Oil, CAM2 Magnum Bulk SAE 50 Motor Oil


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