CAM2 ATF D/M is a multipurpose automatic transmission fluid especially designed to meet the service requirements of a wide variety of applications. CAM2 ATF D/M is designed for newer generation, electronically controlled transmissions. It is suitable for use in transmissions built by General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Ford (except where Type F required), and most foreign manufacturers, where a DEXRON® III H, DEXRON® III G, DEXRON® IIE, MERCON®, or Type A Suffix A performance level transmission fluid is specified. CAM2 ATF D/M meets the performance requirements of Allison Transmission Division C-4, and major hydraulic manufacturers requirements for anti-wear hydraulic fluids.

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CAM2 12/1 Quart ATF D/M Dexron III(H)/Mercon, CAM2 3/1 Gallon ATF D/M Dexron III(H)/Mercon, CAM2 5 Gallon ATF D/M Dexron III(H)/Mercon, CAM2 6 Gallon ATF D/M Dexron III(H)/Mercon BAG-IN-BOX, CAM2 55 Gallon ATF D/M Dexron III(H)/Mercon, CAM2 Bulk ATF D/M Dexron III(H)/Mercon


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