Discover Our Legacy in Auto Racing


In 1981, Sun Oil decided to concentrate its efforts solely on production and put CAM2 marketing activities up for sale. Of course, there were many suitors - but the CAM2 brand was eventually purchased by our group of uniquely qualified, successful, and experienced motor oil distributors.

We became the CAM2 Motor Oil Products Company, and established our Corporate Headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA with marketing offices in Chicago, Illinois, USA and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


CAM2 motor oil was first developed as a collaborative effort between Sun Oil Company (Sunoco), General Motors and Roger Penske to develop superior performance motor oil that would help Penske Racing in their attempt to win the Indy 500 auto race. In 1975, Sun Oil Company decided to introduce this premium performance motor oil to the general public as a "do it yourself" motor oil. The highly effective marketing program to introduce the CAM2 brand of motor to the general public involved the promotion and distribution of CAM2 Motor Oils through mass retailers such as Kmart, Sears and other large warehouse distributors, as well as through jobbers and motor oil distributors nationwide. Between 1975 and 1983, Sun Marketing spent nearly $20M on advertising, promoting and establishing CAM2 as a superb, national brand motor oil. And superb it is!


The original idea was to have a nationally recognized brand of premium quality; value priced motor oils that we could control. In this way, our group's distributors could protect themselves and future CAM2 customers from the self benefiting and often harmful to distributor decisions of the huge oil companies. It was our sincere belief that if the Oil Companies could make decisions to ensure them of a profitable future then we as distributors should be doing the same.

CAM2 Oil Products Company began quite humbly. Our total product line consisted of eight motor oils. But that simple beginning was all we needed to establish the value and the quality of the CAM2 brand and we soon expanded our offering to include hundreds of CAM2 Quality Products from more than 30 suppliers.

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