Our Endorsements for Blue Blood Products




I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your continued support, and to share with you the superb results we are getting with CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oils.

Currently, we build and maintain all engines for Stone Crusher and Monster Magic Monster Truck fleet. We have 3 trucks running out of our shop and are building a new truck for the 2013 season, which will involve maintaining over 6 engines. These engines are subject to extreme wear and temperature conditions in the demanding monster truck racing environment, pushing all-out on every run.

When we got an offer from your Director of Motorsports to test CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil, we immediately saw reduced operating temperature and more consistent oil pressure in competition. Less heat means less stress on these 1,500 horsepower engines that experience huge shock loads on all internal parts. After testing CAM2 Blue Blood for several months in various monster trucks, I became a firm believer when upon tear-down, after 18-24 months of use, I saw virtually no signs of wear on bearings, cranks, camshafts and other internal parts.

Blue Blood has the high zinc levels and other additives needed to provide the ultimate in anti-wear protection and less wear translates to lower operating costs and faster turnaround on rebuilds. I now insist on CAM2 Blue Blood as the exclusive oil for all of our engines and feel confident that it provides superior protection against wear and the extreme stress/ high temperature environments encountered in monster truck racing. I unequivocally recommend and endorse the CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil product line and would be glad to share our outstanding results with anyone who wants to step up to the best possible protection for their competition engines.

Thanks again for your support,
Richard M.
Director of Performance & Development
Stone Crusher Monster Trucks




I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much for your ongoing support of our racing program.

I also have some exciting news about the excellent results we are seeing with CAM2 transmission fluid. We have a fleet of seven Grave Digger Monster trucks here at Feld Motor Sports. We drive these trucks to their limits at every event we go to, and they must operate under extreme stress in the demanding environment of monster truck racing.

Our fans are the best in the world, and would not expect anything less than peak performance from both our equipment and drivers. We here at Grave Digger Monster truck have been using other high end brands of transmission fluid for our Grave Digger Monster trucks.

We started using CAM2 transmission fluid at the beginning of our 2010 racing season. We were very pleased to find that your CAM2 transmission fluid helped us reduce our transmission repair costs by 33%! Not only has your product significantly reduced our transmission repair costs, but the superior protection from extreme pressures and temperatures provided by CAM2 enables us to continuously make round after round in racing and still have the confidence in our transmissions to give the fans an ultimate freestyle to remember. CAM2 products give us the confidence in our equipment to go all-out, all the time. You cannot put a price tag on that. Thanks again.

Henry Cross, Feld Motorsports




Thank you, for introducing us to your CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil. For the last 6 months, as part of the engine builder’s program, we have only used CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil in all of our engines. As a result of using the CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil, we have had better results with internal parts such as bearings, lifters, cam shaft and all other rotating internal parts. We have also seen increase in horse power when using the oil.

As a result of this increased performance we are firm believers in the product. Therefore we are highly suggesting all our customers to use CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil.

Again, thank you for introducing us to CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil, and we look forward to a long relationship with your company.

Charley Buck, Jr.
Buck Racing Engines, Inc.



We are excited to have just received our first shipment of CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil. We think it will be a good combination for us with our use of Baldwin Oil Filters. We also have a guy in our shop that runs his go-carts at races in the Spring and Summer. He and his buddies are thinking of buying some as well, and using it in their races this coming season. Some of the competitor’s oils, are too thin after some use, and we find that the CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil out-performs the competition.

We look forward to a long relationship with CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil.

Chris Ketteman
Dr. Mopar's High Performance



Here at Mora Motorworks, we use Cam2 break in oil exclusively on all of our engine break ins. Since we switched, we have suffered zero carn failures, see lower break in temps, and quicker oil pump primes. Not having to add any supplemental oil additives is a secondary bonus because of the high zinc content in this oil.

We sell, use, and highly recommend the use of CAM2 oils for all performance engine needs.

Travis Jehlicka
Mora Motorworks




As part of the engine builders program, we have been running CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil in our NSS car all season starting with the CAM2 Break-in Oil and on to the CAM2 Synthetic Oil. Prior to this we used a variety of mineral and synthetic oils over the past eight seasons.CAM2 Break-in Oil went the same as usual but with approximately 8psi more oil pressure than we have seen with other oils. The CAM2 Synthetic has performed with no failures and seems to cool quicker between rounds with less reduction in pressure as the engine warms up.After testing in this engine which sees 7400-7600 shifts all four gears and extreme valve spring pressures, we have been using CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil in all engines shipped from Diamondback as very few engines will see the extreme use we put it thru. We also like the fact that we need no additive for flat tappet engines, unlike what most other oils require.We highly recommend this product and look forward to a long relationship with the CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil program.

Damon Kuhn
Diamondback Engines




We tested CAM2 Racing Oil in our personal race car in 2009, before we would recommend it to our customers.We disassembled and inspected the engine at the end of the 2009 season and we were very satisfied with what we saw. The engine bearings, rings, piston skirts, lifters, and rocker arms were in perfect condition. And now we recommend CAM2 Racing Oil to all our customers. I think it is the best oil on the market.

Doug Hobgood
H & F Performance


We have been using CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Motor Oil for some time now, and we are very pleased with it. We used this product in our Sprint Car and recently won the championship in Little Rock. We are very happy with the performance of the CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil.I have a customer, that is buying a lot of it, and he is real happy too. I highly recommend the CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil. It works great!

Lanny's Flow Service
Pine Bluff, AR


I began hearing an exciting buzz last year about a new line of Hi-Performance Racing Oils at the local race tracks that I frequent, which has continued to increase into rave reviews this year. Racers at these tracks were having tremendous success running a new line of racing oils by CAM2.
As part of the engine builders' program, we have been running CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil in our car all season starting with the CAM2 Break-in Oil and on to the CAM2 Synthetic Oil. We have noticed no abnormal bearing wear or scuffing since making the switch to CAM2 blue blood racing oils.
I am currently running CAM2 Blue Blood racing oils in 15 engines.I have since become a firm believer in the product. CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oils contain the high Zinc Levels that are required to provide the ultimate in anti-wear protection. CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oils help us maintain a consistent oil pressure and have helped reduce operating temperatures. Less heat means less stress on my engines. We continue to push our engines to the highest performance level, and CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oils handle this job superbly and provide our engines with superior protection and increased horsepower while maintaining a consistent oil pressure.We highly recommend this product and look forward to a long relationship with the CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil program.Robert M. Abernathy, Jr.

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